Corning Home Invasion Suspects Captured In Utah

The Tehama County Sheriff’s Department has released more information regarding an attempted home invasion robbery in Corning last month that left 2 men dead. Detectives surmise that the plan was to steal a large quantity of marijuana from the home near Blackburn Avenue. The robbery was foiled when a resident of the house, 23-year-old Austreberto Santamaria shot and killed 2 of the robbers, identified as Daniel Hernandez and Adrian Gutierrez of Madera. On February 1st, the getaway car, a white Dodge Charger, was located in Elsinore, Utah. Three suspects have been arrested, Sergio Jonathan Brandt-Cardenas and Michelle Vargas of Michigan and Jose Aniceto Cardenas-Manzo of Madera.Each is being held on $150,000 bail, facing charges of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and attempted robbery. Vargas had rented a box truck and driven it to corning the day of the robbery in anticipation of hauling off hundreds of pounds of cannabis. Two other people, Luis Fernando Hernandez Rangel and Regulo Giron Morales, both from Madera, are still wanted in the case. Austreberto has not been charged with any crime as the shooting appears to have been self defense.


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