Driver Killed In Crash In Corning Area

A 20-year-old Tehama County man died in a crash on Saturday afternoon. At around 5:30PM, the unidentified man from Vina was driving a 2001 Honda eastbound on South Avenue in Corning at around 55 miles an hour when he decided to pass a slower moving vehicle. He apparently didn’t notice a 2003 Nissan approaching from the other direction. 32-year-old Ana Segura, driving the Nissan, saw the Honda coming toward her and tried to move onto the shoulder to avoid a collision but the front left corners of the cars struck head-on. The Honda driver was killed. Segura and a 7-year-old passenger in her car suffered major injuries. The 7-year-old girl was transferred to U.C. Davis Medical Center. Three other children with Segura, ages 4, 11 and 13, suffered minor injuries. The crash prompted a lengthy closure of South Avenue from I-5 to Highway 99.


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