Invasive Weed Eradicated From Shasta County

A foreign invader on a top ten most wanted list has been eliminated from Shasta County. It’s name is Hydrilla Verticillata. It’s not a person, it’s an invasive weed that spreads rapidly, clogging waterways to such a degree that it can make irrigation, as well as boating, fishing and other recreational activities impossible. Hydrilla is on the California Department of Food and Agriculture top ten list of quarantined invasive pests. If it had continued to spread into the Sacramento River it could have been catastrophic to waterways throughout the state. It was first seen infesting ponds in Anderson in 1985 and later was found in several Redding-area ponds along the Sacramento River in 1994. Those and other ponds in the area were treated and surveyed, and some were dredged. Now, after no sign of it has been seen for 7 years, Hydrilla has been declared officially defeated from the county.


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