Drug Agents Arrest Man After Local TV Interview

A young man accused of being a very prolific Opioid and sedative dealer apparently didn’t fool drug agents when he appeared in a television interview with a mask over his face. Last Monday night, February 18th, Anderson Police stopped 19-year-old Sage Revilla near Highway 273 and Bruce Street for a traffic violation. The occupants of the car allegedly consented to a search and officers reported finding 78 small plastic vials containing a clear liquid, along with a scale and a pill press. Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force agents were called to the scene and they identified the substance as liquid Xanax. Revilla was released pending further investigation. On Sunday, KRCR TV interviewed a masked man, who identified himself as “Barry”, about the business of illegal Xanax manufacturing and sales. The man was very forthcoming about the damaging effects the drug has on people’s lives. He said he has an income of 8 to 10,000 Dollars a month. SINTF Agents watched the video and believed the man to be Revilla. There were items in the video that were the same as had been seen in the traffic stop, and Barry was wearing an identical jacket. On Tuesday agents tracked down Revilla and arrested him. He reportedly had 29 of the plastic Xanax vials with him. He was booked into jail.


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