Denney Announces 2nd Bid To Unseat LaMalfa

Audrey Denney has officially launched her campaign to unseat Representative Doug LaMalfa next year. In the last election, the first time candidate came closer than any other Democrat has come in many years to defeating a Republican for the First District Congressional Seat. LaMalfa won with just 54.9% of the vote. Denney also raised by far more money than any previous Democrat running for the office. It was about a Million Dollars, while Democrat Jim Reed raised less than $140,000 in his 2016 campaign against LaMalfa. Denney is running again on the same non-partisan message, refusing to take contributions from outside the district and capitalizing on LaMalfa’s support for the policies of the Trump Administration, including the recent threats to rescind fire disaster recovery funding and use the money for the southern border wall. Although she only made the official announcement on Monday, Denney stated just after her defeat that she would run again, and she’s been spending the last couple of months canvassing the vast 11-county district. She had previously been an agriculture instructor at Chico State.


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