Woman Tracks Stolen Watch To Wal-Mart, Police Arrest 2 Men

While an East Redding woman was taking her child to school Thursday morning, two men were stealing valuables from her home, according to Redding Police. 25-year-old Maria Rocha returned to her home on Wilson Avenue at around 8AM and noticed an unfamiliar Toyota 4Runner parked across the street, and a man sitting inside was wearing a mask. Thinking that was odd, Maria entered her home through the garage after noticing that the front door was open. She had left the house unlocked because her husband was still asleep when she left. She yelled for him as she quickly took inventory of some of her missing belongings. One of those things was an Apple Watch, which is equipped with a GPS tracking device. She was able to quickly ascertain that her watch was speeding north toward Dana Drive. A Redding Police Officer arrived and Maria told him she didn’t know the make of the SUV she saw, but she’d know it if she saw it again. They observed the tracking device as it moved toward Wal-Mart, and then was suddenly shut off. Maria rode with the officer to Wal-Mart, where she spotted the 4Runner and two men walking away. The officer spoke with them and noticed the Apple Watch sticking out of the back pocket of one of the men. After a short interview, 43-year-old Mike Leyva and 40-year-old Marlin Pearson were both arrested.


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