Father & Son Convicted Of Federal Marijuana Charges

A father and son have been sentenced in federal court for a lucrative marijuana operation that stretched from Tehama County to Connecticut. 64-year-old Eric Bergenn lived in Windham, Connecticut while his son, 33-year-old Arthur Bergenn, moved to Corning in 2010 and started growing marijuana on 160 acres in rural Tehama County. He had two other properties in Corning, on Canal View Road and on North Mendocino Drive, where he lived and processed the pot. He then would package it and send it through the U.S. Mail to his father in Connecticut to sell at top dollar. Over the course of four years, more than 1.2 Million Dollars in cash was deposited into 12 separate bank accounts by Eric Bergenn. He also sent bulk cash through the mail to Arthur in Corning. All of the bank deposits were done in amounts of less than $10,000 to avoid triggering federal currency transaction reports. The Federal DEA and the IRS started investigating the pair in 2014 and eventually searched the three Tehama County properties, where they found 300 marijuana plants, more than 50 pounds of processed bud, and lots of evidence of how the operation ran. In 2016 Arthur pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges of cultivation and money laundering. He was sentenced Friday to 18 months in federal prison followed by 3 years of supervised release. Eric pleaded to the same charges last April and he awaits sentencing. They also have been ordered to forfeit their Tehama County properties and $50,000 cash that was seized.


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