Massachusetts Woman Rescued Near Mount Shasta

A tourist from Massachusetts had to be rescued after driving into a snowy area at the foot of Mount Shasta in a car inadequate for the conditions. Shortly before 11AM on Wednesday, Lydia Briggs called the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office to say she had been in the Bunny Flat Area off the end of Everett Memorial Highway since Sunday, when she had driven her Toyota Prius there. In the meantime a lot of snow had fallen and it was still falling, making it impossible to get out in the Prius. She was almost out of food and was melting snow for drinking water. She had been occasionally running running her car to stay warm, but had less than a quarter tank of gas left. The sheriff’s search and rescue team tried to reach Bunny Flat in a snowmobile, and then a Sno-Cat, but neither would make it through after six feet of snow had fallen. Help was recruited from a county road crew, who used large snow blowers to clear a path. They finally reached Lydia Briggs about 24 hours after she had called, and guided her back down the road to safety


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