RPD Arrests Naked Man Who Allegedly Fought With Officers

A naked man was taken into custody in North Redding after challenging people to fight him, and then challenging the responding officers. Shortly before 9 O’clock Saturday night, 39-year-old Dustin William Clemens was walking down Lake Boulevard with no clothes on. Technically, public nudity is not illegal unless someone signs a complaint, but there were reports that Clemens was fighting with people. Redding Police say he refused to follow directions and took a fighting stance with them, so they used their batons and pepper spray on him until eventually getting him into handcuffs. Clemens has many contacts with local law enforcement, with priors for illegal gun possession, domestic violence, and battery. He’s on probation for violently resisting police. The RPD says officers were exposed to Clemens’ feces and one was treated at a hospital for an injury. Police say Clemens seemed to be on drugs and he was booked for public intoxication and resisting arrest.


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