Man Sentenced To 7 Years After Incident With Propane Torch

A Tehama County man is going to prison for trying to blow up a church, and himself with it. Early in the morning last August 25th, deputies were called to the Los Molinos Methodist Church on Josephine Street. They arrived to find 51-year-old Mark Boles holding a portable torch that he was using to try and ignite a 250 gallon propane tank behind the church. He said he wanted to end it for himself and “hopefully a lot more people.” Deputies ordered Boles to stop, but he refused, saying they would have to shoot him. Firefighters had also responded to the scene and they used a high pressure firehose to physically push Boles away from the propane tank. He then tried to run but was captured after fighting with deputies and injuring one of them. Boles has been to prison before and was on post release supervision at the time of the incident. He’s been sentenced to 7 years in state prison.


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