Woman Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

A woman is going to prison for firing a shot during a botched burglary. On August 17th of last year, 51-year-old Katheryn Nickell and a nephew had a plan to steal the contents of a mobile home located on property about 6 miles east of Millville off Highway 44. They used a pickup truck to pull a trailer onto the property in order to steal all the goods. After cutting a lock to get through the gate, Nickell and her nephew were confronted at the mobile home by the property owner, Luis Alvarado, and a neighbor, Reginald Ceehorne. Nickell got back in the truck and tried to drive away, but Alvarado and Ceehorne stood in the way and blocked her from leaving. When she pointed a pistol at them and fired a round in their direction, Ceehorne shot back. She then got out of the truck and ran away, but Jax, the sheriff’s department K9, caught her less than a mile away. Nickell entered a plea of no contest to assault with a firearm, and Monday she was given a sentence of 7 years in state prison.


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