Neighbor Helps Officers Nab Burglary Suspect

An alert neighbor stopped a burglary early Wednesday morning in East Redding. The RPD is not specifying the location, but just before 3AM, the neighbor noticed a man hiding in the bushes across the street. Knowing that the resident was out of town, he called 9-1-1 while continuing to watch the suspicious lurker. The suspect then walked up to the front door of the unoccupied house and kicked the door in to get inside. When officers arrived they found that lights were on inside the house. As they approached, 59-year-old Connell Rhoden opened the front door, apparently unaware that he would be meeting with the police. Rhoden was detained, and told officers that he had purchased the home. The front doorframe and lock were damaged from being kicked in. Officers were able to get the homeowner on the phone, and he confirmed what they suspected, that nobody had permission to be in the house. He said he had never met Rhoden, who was then booked into jail for burglary.


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