Woman Who Allegedly Stole Bike Last Week Arrested Downtown

A couple of Redding residents have been arrested after a bold theft from a local bike shop. Last Friday an employee of Sports LTD on Hilltop Drive noticed a man and woman looking through the window of the store at a “Fit” brand bicycle worth several Hundred Dollars. Later the same woman was in the shop and asked if she could try out the bike. The employee escorted the woman outside so she could test ride it around the parking lot. Instead, she sped off down the hill towards Best Buy. Another sharp-eyed employee watched as the woman put the bike in the bed of a pickup, but before the truck sped away the employee noted the license plate number. That information led to a home downtown on State Street, where 28-year-old John Capelli and 30-year-old Monique Solorio live. Both are on probation so a search was done Thursday and the bicycle was reportedly found at the home. Both were booked into jail.


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