18-Year-Old Arrested After High Speed Pursuit

A high speed chase of a Quadrunner through the streets of Corning was interrupted when the all terrain vehicle rammed a patrol car. At around 11:30AM on Wednesday, Corning Police Officers were called for a man speeding up and down East Street on the vehicle, which is not street legal and he was not wearing a helmet. An officer saw the quad pull onto Solano Street and pop a wheelie before heading back onto East Street southbound. The officers tried to stop the rider, but he sped up to more than 70 miles an hour, running stop signs through a residential neighborhood. After a criss-cross roundabout chase through multiple streets, the quad emerged onto Prune Street and struck the front of a patrol car. The rider jumped off the quad and ran away, eventually jumping a fence and hiding in a house. Officers followed and arrested 18-year-old Edgar Alejandro Mendez for felony reckless evading and wanton disregard for safety.


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