Man With Realistic Looking Gun Arrested After Fighting With Authorities

A wanted felon was arrested after he fought with authorities in Happy Camp. On Thursday afternoon Siskiyou County Deputy Gabe Garrison responded to an address on Curly Jack Road in Happy Camp to check on an armed suspect. The armed man reportedly had walked onto the reporting parties property and confronted him. The reporting party said that he could see a gun in the suspects pocket. A CHP Officer also responded and contacted 32-year-old Brett Rhodes. As the deputy approached the suspect, Rhodes hid behind a camp trailer. He than emerged with his hands in his jacket pockets. He was ordered to show his hands and refused. Rhodes than ran from the area and was pursued until he was again confronted by the authorities on a porch of a nearby home. Rhodes reportedly tried to enter the locked home. The deputy deployed a Taser which had no effect and a 2nd Taser was deployed. Rhodes reportedly taunted the deputy and CHP Officer and still refused to take off his jacket. Rhodes did reportedly pull a glass pipe from his jacket and said it was a crack pipe. The suspect than fled the area towards Happy Camp. He reportedly took his jacket off and threw it into a vehicle that belonged to the chief of the Happy Camp Volunteer Fire Department. Rhodes took a fighting stance and was tackled by the two pursuing law enforcement officers. Eventually Rhodes was taken into custody and it was determined that he had a realistic looking BB handgun. Rhodes was booked on several charges including being under the influence of a controlled substance.


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