Unemployment Rate Jumps Substantially In January

Shasta County’s job numbers took a big dive in January, something that hasn’t been seen in a long time. Following years of recovery from the recession, the unemployment rate has suddenly increased by 30%, from 4.8% in December to 6.2% in January. That’s also a one half percent increase from January of last year. Some major factors affecting the numbers include the fact that usual post-holiday slump coincided with a significant increase in the labor force, according to E.D.D Research Data Specialist Sheila Stock, who says analysts are keeping a close eye on the situation. Tehama County’s jobless rate went up to 7.1% in January. It was 7.5% in Trinity County and 9.2% in Siskiyou County. The statewide rate was 4.8% and it was 4.4% nationally. The forecast for February may not be much better. The Labor Department says hiring tumbled in February as U.S. employers added just 20,000 jobs, the fewest in nearly a year and a half. The sharp slowdown in hiring, which may have been worsened by unseasonably cold weather, comes after employers nationwide added 311,000 jobs in January, the most in nearly a year.


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