Combative Happy Camp Man Was Lucky

The Siskiyou County Sheriff says a Happy Camp man could easily have been shot by officers who instead used other means to take him into custody. On Thursday afternoon a resident of Curly Jack Road reported that 32-year-old Brett Christopher Rhodes had come onto his property and confronted him. The man said he could see a gun in Rhodes pocket. A deputy and a C-H-P officer were there quickly and identified Rhodes, who had an active drug-related felony warrant. He ducked behind a camp trailer and then emerged with his hands in his jacket pockets. He was ordered at gunpoint to show his hands but instead he ran to a nearby house and tried to go inside, but it was locked. He was hit by the deputy’s Taser, which had no effect, nor did a second Taser. Rhodes cursed at and taunted the officers, who demanded to know what was in his pocket. He took out a glass pipe, which he said was his crack pipe. As he fled again, the C-H-P officer hit him with a Taser but it also did nothing. Rhodes ran toward Happy Camp and shed his jacket, throwing it onto the fire chief’s truck, then got into a fighting stance. The deputy and C-H-P officer tackled him and took him into custody. The jacket contained a bb gun that looked just like a real gun. After being treated at a hospital, Rhodes was booked on several charges.


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