CHP: Man Shot & Killed By Officers Fired Shots At Authorities

Some details have been released about an officer involved shooting that left a man dead Sunday night off Hartnell Avenue. At around 11 O’clock the CHP had made a traffic stop on a suspected drunk driver behind the Greek Shack in the parking lot next to Bob’s Liquor just east of Churn Creek Road. Two CHP Officers had been giving the man a field sobriety test when he reportedly became uncooperative and told the officers he had a handgun. As they tried to get handcuffs onto him, the man refused to comply and pulled away. That’s when one of the officers used a Taser on him, but it had no effect. The other officer tried to physically restrain the increasingly agitated man, but he took off running up Rockabye Lane, located at the rear of the parking lot. The suspect reportedly fired shots behind him as he ran and the officers fired multiple rounds in return as they chased him into the backyard of a home. The officers then called for backup, which came from Redding Police, the Sheriff’s Office and more CHP. RPD Officers found the man lying in the yard, reportedly holding a handgun. He was ordered to drop it and a beanbag round was fired at him, but police say he raised the gun and multiple officer opened fire on him. No information is available yet about what type of gun he had. A multi-agency investigation is being led by the Sheriff’s Office. Detectives are still interviewing witnesses and collecting video surveillance. An autopsy is set for this week. The man’s name will be released after family is notified. Anyone who knows anything about the incident is asked to contact the Major Crimes Unit at 245-6135.


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