State Issues Warning For Fish Pulled From Whiskeytown Lake

State officials have issued a health advisory for fish caught from Whiskeytown Lake. The State EPA has developed recommendations based on levels of Mercury found in fish pulled out of Whiskeytown. The metal has accumulated in fish as a result of mining operations and burning coal. When it builds up in fish it becomes Methylmercury, which can damage the brain and nervous system in developing children and fetuses. That’s why special consideration is given to children, as well as women of childbearing age. The new guidelines say that those populations should not eat Sacramento Pikeminnow at all. They can safely eat 7 servings a week of Brook Trout or 2 servings a week of Sunfish species or one serving a week of Black Bass or Sacramento Sucker. Despite the warning, officials point out that fish is high in nutrients and an excellent source of protein.


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