Drug Task Force Makes Several Arrests

Several arrests were made during a raid of a home Thursday by Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit and Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force. Police say they had been getting dozens of complaints over the last couple of months from residents of the Henderson Road area reporting drug deals, thefts, vandalism and assaults. Locals had formed a neighborhood watch group to try and fight back. An investigation by the NPU and SINTF led them to focus on one house that seemed to be the source of most of the problems. It was the home of two brothers, David and John Fruits. David had 19 prior arrests and is on probation. John had 39 prior arrests and is on parole for elder abuse. When officers arrived for a probation search, they found john sleeping in the living room, reportedly with a Meth pipe near his feet. David was asleep in a bedroom and at first refused to respond. Both were arrested on violations of their probation and parole. As officers checked the yard they found multiple disabled cars and outbuildings with people living in them. 8 people were found, and two of them had warrants. Police say they’ll work with code enforcement to bring violations to the attention of the property owner.


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