Update: Chase Suspect Arrested For 2nd Time In 2 Weeks

A second chase in less than 2 weeks landed a wanted man in jail. On March 4th, a deputy tried to stop a car on Northbound Highway 273 near Happy Valley Road. The car slowed and the driver threw a package out containing almost 4 ounces of Methamphetamine, and a female passenger jumped out. after a meandering chase, the driver jumped out and ran at the end of Evans Lane off Clear Creek. He got away. Thursday night, the second chase didn’t turn out so well for the man. RPD Officer Travis Williams was on patrol with Otto the K9 when he recognized 32-year-old Mark Anthony Hense driving a Chevy Traverse on Highway 273. Hense is on Post Release Supervision and had a felony warrant for drug sales. Officer Williams turned around and tried to catch up to the Chevy, but Hense darted into the Win-River Casino parking lot and sped between parked cars until he was out of sight. The Chevy was found abandoned. Officers then learned that he was trying to drive away in a truck. They found it, but Hense fled on foot toward Clear Creek. Otto was sent into the woods after Hense, and apprehended him after a struggle. A woman left behind in the truck said she had been dating Hense and said he was abusing her and threatening her life. She had visible injuries. Hense was taken to a hospital for his injuries, then booked into jail on several charges.


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