Update: New Contracts Offered To Olive Growers

As multiple Tehama County olive growers have had their contracts with a processor canceled, a competitor is stepping in with a new offer, according to the Corning Observer. Bell-Carter, which has an office in Corning, has been terminating local contracts after selling 20% of its control to a Spanish olive co-op, easing the importation from Spain of unfinished or uncured olives in order to avoid the tariffs imposed on imported black canned olives. Now Musco Olive Company, which is based in Tracy and has a receiving plant in Orland, is offering a new deal to Tehama County’s olive growers. Musco says it’s happy to take this year’s crop and will offer multi-year contracts to growers willing to commit their orchards to mechanical harvesting, which they say is necessary for the higher yields needed to remain competitive. Although domestic growers have recaptured the retail olive market following a Spanish threat, they’re apparently losing the battle for the larger foodservice market.


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