Man Sentenced After Making Fake Bomb Threats

A former Butte County man has been sentenced on federal charges of making false bomb threats. 34-year-old Kao Xiong of Saint Paul, Minnesota was living in Oroville in 2017 when he mailed a letter to a company in Sunnyvale, telling them that he and his accomplices were going to bomb them. Sunnyvale Police reported the threat to the FBI, who traced it back to Xiong. It was one of about 150 letters that Xiong mailed in 2017 threatening bombings and assassinations. They were sent to FBI Offices, an airport, a shopping mall, President Obama and President Trump. Many of the letters were intercepted by the Postal Service, and apparently Xiong had no intention of carrying out any of the threatened actions. He was arrested in December of 2017 and remained behind bars for 153 days. On Thursday he was sentenced to time served plus five months of home detention and three years of supervised release.


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