Sanders Aims For Strong Showing In Delegate-Rich California

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Bernie Sanders is campaigning in California this week, hoping to improve on his second-place finish in the state’s 2016 Democratic presidential primary. That year, Sanders finished behind Hillary Clinton, who by that time had the nomination essentially wrapped up. A lot has changed. In 2016, the senator from Vermont was an insurgent outsider in a one-on-one race with the favorite, Clinton. He returns to the state ranked among the top-tier Democratic candidates in a crowded 2020 field. Sanders is scheduled to be in San Diego on Friday and plans rallies in Los Angeles and San Francisco over the weekend. California could be pivotal to choosing the Democratic nominee. And unlike the state’s end-of-the-line primary in 2016, California is voting near the front of the pack this time, in March 2020.


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