29-Year-Old Man Killed In Crash Near Shingletown

9 Shingletown man killed in a crash on Highway 44 over the weekend has been identified by the Shasta County Coroner’s Office. 29-year-old Michael Tyler Owens was riding in a Volkswagon Jetta driven by 24-year-old Wyatt William Coble. They were eastbound past Airport Way in Shingletown when Coble lost control of the car and it shot into the westbound lane into the path of a Ford Explorer driven by 38-year-old Jessica Mauldin of Susanville. She hit the brakes but there was no time and the SUV broadsided the right side of the Volkswagon, killing the passenger and causing moderate injuries to Coble. Mauldin was hospitalized with major injuries. The 6-year-old girl riding with her had minor injuries. The CHP does not suspect alcohol or drug use.


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