Cal-Fire Details High Priority Fuelbreaks In Shasta County

More detailed descriptions have been provided about just exactly where Cal-Fire has identified priority fuelbreaks. 35 such projects have been listed throughout California, covering a total of 90,000 acres. At the very top of the list is the “Highway 44 Fuelbreak”. The 1,112 acres cleared will be along both sides of Highway 44 from Dersch Road to the Lassen National Forest boundary. In the stretches where Cal-Trans has right-of-way, clearing will be done to 200 feet each side from the centerline of the highway. The width will vary depending on the willingness of private landowners to cooperate. The “West Redding Fuels Reduction” encompasses 3,091 acres in the Keswick and Old Shasta areas. It mostly involves clearing dead material from the Carr Fire area, with priority given to Swasey Drive and Lower Springs Road. The “China Gulch Fuels Reduction” is a 530 acre project to cut a fuel break along the ridge that runs south of Clear Creek from Highway 273 to the Shasta County Landfill near Igo Completion of all three projects is expected by December. Governor Newsom has signed an order allowing fire officials to bypass environmental and other regulations to clear dead trees and vegetation more quickly. Newsom is spending $50 Million on public outreach around disaster preparedness and response in disadvantaged communities. He’s also making it easier for state government to work with the private sector on innovative wildfire solutions.


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