Man Faces 30 Years For Raping Several Boys

A Cottonwood sexual child predator has avoided a jury trial by pleading guilty to various charges. 50-year-old Scott McLaughlin used his knowledge and involvement in off-road motorcycles to lure young boys to his home so he could rape them. McLaughlin was arrested in November of 2017 and has been held ever since, with bail set at $5 Million. He befriended his victims through their shared interest in dirt bike racing. McLaughlin is a self-employed mechanic who specializes in motocross bikes and quads. After gaining the trust of the boys and their parents, McLaughlin was able to convince an unknown number of boys to come to his Benson Road house for target shooting and sleepovers. That’s when many of the forced sexual assaults were committed. He also accompanied some of the boys to motorcycle races in the Marysville area. Detectives say he sometimes gave alcohol and marijuana to the boys before raping them, and then threatened to kill them if they told anyone. The Tehama County Sheriff’s Department has said they’re certain that there are more victims who have remained silent out of fear and shame. On Wednesday McLaughlin pleaded guilty to four felony counts and one misdemeanor. When he’s sentenced on May 2nd, he faces a maximum of 30 years 10 months in state prison.


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