Update: Venegas Planned To Rob Store Clerk Who He Lit On Fire

On the eve of his third jury trial for murder, a bombshell confession has been made by 41-year-old Juan Venegas. On December 21st of 2016, Venegas murdered David Wicks, a cashier at the Shell Station in Johnson Park just east of Burney. Surveillance showed a person in a yellow rain suit lighting Wicks on fire. The rain suit was later found and DNA testing led to the arrest of Venegas. The case ended in two mistrials, and a third was about to start. No motive had ever been identified, but now there is. Venegas had been gambling at the Pit River Casino, and had been doing Methamphetamine. Having lost all his money gambling, Venegas was going to rob the Shell Station, but Wicks refused to give him any money. Venegas then doused him with gas and lit him on fire. With the plea deal, Venegas will be sentenced to 17 years 8 months in state prison, and he must serve at least 85% of that time behind bars. He also waives his right to appeal and gets no credit for time already served. Also as part of the deal, Venegas had to face Wicks’ family in court and tell them what he had done.


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