Update: Infant In Stable Condition, Father Arrested For Attempted Murder

A Redding man is accused of causing injuries that left his 3-month-old baby girl in critical condition. Last Wednesday 22-year-old Ashton Vanzant took the infant to Mercy Hospital after she had experienced what appeared to be a seizure. Examinations and scans showed the baby was suffering from a brain bleed. The baby and her mother were transported by helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center for specialized care, and the little girl was in stable condition at last word. Meanwhile, police were asking Vanzant some pointed questions. He said he had accidentally dropped the baby onto a piece of furniture, and that’s what caused the head injuries. However, investigators examined Vanzant’s cell phone and found that shortly after the injuries occurred he had done Internet searches regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome, as well as jail sentences for people convicted of shaking babies. When investigators asked about that, they say he told them he had shaken his baby girl out of frustration because she wouldn’t stop crying. He reportedly said the shaking was “aggressive” and that he used a significant amount of force. Vanzant was booked into jail for child abuse, attempted murder and inflicting great bodily injury.


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