High Water Flows Expected To Help Baby Salmon Get To The Ocean

A lot of baby Salmon have been released into Battle Creek west of of Red Bluff. The Fish and Wildlife Service completed the release of 185,000 endangered Einter Run Chinook Salmon Smolts Thursday. The young Salmon are part of a program to help the return of the endangered Salmon to the Sacramento River Basin. Adult captive Salmon were spawned at Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery up-river of Redding on the Sacramento River. The eggs were incubated and the young Salmon raised at Coleman National Fish Hatchery. Water conditions in Battle Creek and the Sacramento River were deemed excellent. Recent rain produced high run-off and muddy waters, perfect for small fish to migrate to the ocean. Turbid water helps the small Salmon escape detection by predatory fish like Striped Bass. High, fast- moving water limits the time the 3-inch-long fish are in the river and exposed to predators.


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