APD: Man Brings Toddler To Undercover Officers Drug Deal

A Redding man took his toddler with him to a drug deal, according to Anderson Police, who say the customer was actually one of their undercover officers. The APD had been investigating 21-year-old Marcus Marrine Sieglock Jr, who was suspected of selling ecstasy. An APD Officer posing as a 15-year-old girl started communicating with Sieglock on social media and asked him to sell her some ecstacy to celebrate her 16th birthday. He reportedly agreed to sell her 40 capsules of the drug and went to a meeting place in Anderson. Officers made a traffic stop and reportedly found the drugs in the car, as well as Sieglock’s 1-year-old child. The toddler was taken by County Children’s Services and Sieglock was booked into jail on several charges. A search of his home allegedly turned up more drugs.


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