APD Releases Video Of Gas Station Robbery

Anderson Police have released more details and a very clear piece of video surveillance of a robbery committed early Saturday morning at the Anderson Safeway Gas Station Mini Mart. The business is located on Balls Ferry Road directly across the street from the Safeway Supermarket. Anderson Police tell us the robber entered the store at 5:17AM with no shirt, a backwards ballcap, a blue bandanna tied across the lower half of his face, and a knife in his hand, which he pointed threateningly at the cashier. He demanded money and held out his other hand, into which the cashier stacked bills from the cash register. The robber then calmly walked back toward the door while stuffing the cash in his pocket and slipping the knife back into its sheath. The cashier, who described the man as Hispanic, says he walked to the rear of the building and that’s the last he saw of him. He may have gotten into a mid-size pickup, but that’s not known. The surveillance video can be seen on the KQMS Facebook page.


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