Man Arrested After Firing Shots At Burney Home

A Burney man is accused of threatening people with a gun while looking for his ex-girlfriend. At about 9:20PM Tuesday night Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to reports of a man shooting at an occupied house off Highway 299 in Burney. The homeowner, Kelley Reese, said she was visiting with four of her friends when 38-year-old Dale Connely kicked the front door open and came inside uninvited. She said he appeared to be drunk as he pointed a gun at her head and demanded to know the location of his estranged girlfriend, saying: “Tell me where she is or I’ll kill you!” Reese and the others told Connely that the woman wasn’t there and that he needed to leave. He began walking toward the highway as Reese and her friends walked out and stood on the front porch to be sure he was really leaving. Before running off, Connely reportedly turned and fired multiple rounds at them, with one of the bullets striking a wooden post just inches from where they were standing. Deputies and CHP Officers went to Connely’s home on South Vallejo Street. His estranged girlfriend was there and said he was gone, but that he was drunk and upset about their breakup, and that he had said he would “shoot it out” with law enforcement. Deputies searched the area and later found Connely near his home, taking him into custody without incident. He had a loaded semi-auto handgun on him, and numerous other guns were found at his home and seized. There was also a backpack at the house containing a suspicious device, which is being examined by the bomb squad. Connely was booked into jail for attempted murder, terrorist threats and several other felonies.


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