Severe Thunderstorm Floods Streets In Chico

A Tornado Warning was issued late Tuesday afternoon for areas of Butte County. While no twisters were reported, a Flash Flood Warning a little later was definitely warranted. The National Weather Service said that most of the 3 inches of rain fell over a three hour period from 6 to 9PM. The Chico Police Department was inundated with reports of flooded roadways and residences. Additional staff was called in to assist with responses to emergency calls. The large amount of water in such a short amount of time overwhelmed roadways and drainage systems. There were no reports of swift water flowing, but many low roads filled with water as much as 3 feet deep. Dozens of vehicles became disabled. Even after the rain let up, the police department along with the department of public works and fire department continued to actively patrol, clearing abandoned vehicles and moving debris. Whitney Hall at CSU Chico was evacuated due to flooding, but later reopened. The university had considered canceling classes Wednesday, but decided to go ahead with normal activities.


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