Special Election Results Certified, Dahle Will Face Kiley In June Runoff

The results of the special election for the 1st State Senate District seat last month are now official. The leading candidate in the 11 county district was Assemblyman Brian Dahle, with 29.6% of the total vote. Fellow Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley was second with 27.9%. The only remaining Democrat in the race, Silke Plueger, came in third with 25.2%. Democrat Steve Baird’s name was on the ballot, even though he’d dropped out of the race. In spite of that, he still got 5.6% of the total, almost 11,000 votes. Former candidates Rex Hime and Theodore Dzuiba have both endorsed Dahle. He and Kiley will face off in a runoff election on June 4th. As both are currently serving in the State Assembly, yet another special election will be held to fill the vacated seat of the winner. Voter turnout varied widely from county to county, but overall, only 32.7 percent of registered voters cast ballots. Almost 90 percent were vote-by-mail.


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