Officers Use Beanbag Round To Subdue Teenage Probationer

A teenager in Shasta Lake City was subdued with a beanbag fired from a shotgun by officers who went into his bedroom. At 1 O’clock Saturday afternoon, Redding Police went to check out a report that someone was selling pot out of a black sedan in the parking lot of the Dollar General on Lake Boulevard. Officers found two people in the car, including 19-year-old Jacob Ahern. He’s on probation so the searched, reportedly finding Marijuana, a loaded handgun and realistic-looking BB and Airsoft guns. Someone told the officers that the guns and the pot belonged to a 17-year-old boy who had gone in the store before officers arrived and slipped away. That sent the RPD Officers, along with sheriff’s deputies, to the teen’s home on Williamson Road. 9 people were there and they said the 17-year-old was in his room. After 30 minutes of trying to get the boy to come out, officers went to his door and found him sitting in bed. He wouldn’t do what he was told and reportedly started messing around in the shadows and moving his hands toward his waist, at which time he was knocked down with the shotgun-fired beanbag. After a hospital visit he was booked into juvenile hall.


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