City To Consider Improvements At South City Park

The City of Redding is hammering together agreements for the now-closed South City Park to be occupied by tennis players and dogs. Last August the city council decided that the troubled park should be fenced and that open public access should be denied. Since then, the city has been taking proposals from groups who wish to use the space in various ways. Two groups have risen to the surface. The Redding Tennis Club would use the four existing tennis courts and expand to as many as eight courts. They would use them for lessons, leagues and tournaments. The agreement would be for a 10 year term and they would be required to use it 10 to 50 hours per week. The other group is called Shasta Dogs, and they would use their area for dog training and competitions. That agreement would be for a 5 year term. Both groups would be required to have liability insurance and be responsible for improvements and maintenance. The agreements will be discussed by the Community Services Advisory Commission at 3 O’clock Wednesday in the Community Room at City Hall.


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