Woman Struck By Train Along Highway 273

A woman survived an encounter with a train just north of Anderson Monday night. At 11:40PM Union Pacific Railroad reported that they had possibly struck someone in the area of Eastside Road near the Latona Road crossing. Shasta County Sheriff’s Deputies, Cal-Fire and medical personnel rushed to the scene and spoke with the train conductor and other Union Pacific crew. They said they were traveling southbound at about 45 miles an hour when they saw a white woman red hair who appeared to be about 30 or 40 years old. She was just off the edge of the tracks, dancing and waving her middle finger at the train. They tried to stop the train, but they said they were still going about 40 miles an hour when they came into contact with her. Deputies, firefighters and the locomotive crew all searched the area but found nobody. At the place they thought to be the point of impact they found a small purse containing a cell phone, a Meth pipe, a lighter and an empty beer can, but no identifying information. No blood or other signs of injury were found either. A CHP helicopter also swept the area and found nothing. Area hospitals were notified and at 3:24AM Tuesday morning Shasta Regional Medical Center reported a woman arriving who said she had been hit by a train. 47-year-old Shannon Henry was interviewed by deputies, and she said she had been drinking a beer while walking on Eastside Road and was crossing near Latona Road when she was struck in the back by the train and knocked off the tracks. She said she ran to a nearby trailer park and called a friend for a ride. She denied being suicidal and only claimed ownership of the cell phone. Her injuries were not life threatening. The sheriff’s office will file charges of unauthorized entry upon railroad property.


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