Redding Ducky Derby Renamed, Will Not Feature Rubber Duckies

The Ducky Derby is no more. It’s been replaced by the “Sundial Riffle Raffle”. Over the course of 29 years, Redding East Rotary raised over $4 Million through the Ducky Derby to benefit local youth programs and substance abuse prevention. Most of the tickets were sold by young people, and the organizations they represented kept 100% of the proceeds. That funding structure will not change, but the event itself has changed drastically. The Ducky Derby involved dumping hundreds of numbered little rubber ducks into the Sacramento River and then awarding prizes to the ticket holders that matched the winning ducks. The new event is completely virtual. A new mascot called “Sammy Salmon” will choose the winning tickets as he swims in the riffle under the Sundial Bridge. It won’t really happen except in a computer-generated animation. The prize selections and winner announcements will take place on October 18th during halftime of the River Bowl, the big football game between Shasta and Enterprise High Schools. A new web page for the event is at


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