Salmon Fry To Be Trucked To Chico For Release

As once-abundant Sacramento River Salmon runs are still struggling to recover, federal fish managers will try giving them a 75 mile head start to the ocean. On Saturday the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will take 180,000 Salmon Fry from Coleman Fish Hatchery on Battle Creek and drive them to Scotty’s Landing in Chico, where they’ll be sent on their way downriver. It’s hoped that will allow a boost in the returning Salmon population, as many of the young fish are eaten by predators in that first treacherous leg of the journey to the sea. Hopefully, they’ll still be able to find their way back to their ancestral home when it’s time to spawn. Many of the fish will be fitted with tiny radio transmitters by fish surgeons before leaving the hatchery so they can be tracked along their journey.


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