NPU Seizes Meth & Heroin After Searching Storage Unit

A significant drug bust was made earlier this week by Redding’s Neighborhood Police Unit. They were patrolling downtown Tuesday evening when they pulled over a car for traffic violations near East and Trinity Streets. The driver was 32-year-old Danica Gaona, who had two misdemeanor warrants and is on probation, so the officers searched the car. They reported finding a bag containing over an ounce of Methamphetamine and 3 and a half grams of Heroin. The passenger, 59-year-old Robert Bernard Seaborg, took the blame for the drugs. He was already under investigation and it was believed that he was keeping a lot of drugs in a storage unit on Branstetter Lane. Based on the traffic stop, a search warrant was obtained for the unit, where a safe was found that reportedly contained a quarter pound of Meth and over 2 ounces of Heroin. Seaborg was booked into jail. Gaona was released with a citation.


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