Driver Killed After High Speed Pursuit Ends In Crash

A chase by Anderson Police early Saturday morning ended in a fatal crash. At around 1:30AM an APD Officer saw a silver 4-door sedan driving fast through Anderson River Park, which closes at 11PM. The officer tried to stop the car but the driver led him onto Stingy Lane and Balls Ferry Road, going through multiple stop signs and stoplights, before heading south from Balls Ferry onto Interstate 5. Another APD Officer had joined the pursuit, which reached high speeds as it continued through Cottonwood, with the driver not staying in his lane and swerving around traffic. A little north of the Hooker Creek exit, the car made an abrupt right turn from the fast lane, across the slow lane and over the embankment. The car went airborne and hit a stone wall as it continued to tumble several times before coming to rest. The pursuing officers scrambled down the bank and checked on the driver, who had a weak pulse and was pinned in the car. Medical and rescue personnel arrived and the man, whose name has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene.


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