Lassen County Man Sentenced For Illegal Poaching

A Lassen County man, described as an “egregious poacher” has received a fairly light sentence in the largest Raptor poaching case in California history. 68-year-old Richard Parker of Standish pled guilty to crimes associated with poaching in excess of 150 Raptors and other wildlife on his rural property. The investigation started over a year ago when an anonymous tip came in for a man killing a Hawk. Officers from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife searched the property and turned up more than 150 carcasses of protected birds and other wildlife in various states of decay, along with spent rifle casings. Most of the birds were Red-Tailed Hawks, but several other species of Hawks, other non-game birds and an Owl were found. Officers also located two dead Bobcats and one taxidermied Mountain Lion, all of which were suspected to be unlawfully taken. Parker was sentenced to 90 days in jail and given a $75,000 fine and five years of probation. Probation terms include full search authority, prohibitions on possessing firearms, hunting and fishing, and a requirement to obey all laws. The two firearms used during the commission of the crimes were ordered destroyed by the court.


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