Update: Man Shot By Police Identified

A man was shot to death by Red Bluff Police over the weekend after threatening officers with a large stick has been identified as 42-year-old Henry Lane of Red Bluff. At 12:20AM Sunday officers encountered Lane in the area of the Antelope River Bridge just east of Rio Street. He was told to drop the large stick he was carrying but he refused and kept walking away from the officers. They continued to order him to stop and fired multiple Taser shots and beanbag rounds at him but they had no apparent effect except to cause him to turn around and walk toward them with the stick raised. Red Bluff Police Corporal Stephen Harper fired a single shot from his service pistol at Lane’s chest and he fell to the ground. Life saving attempts failed and Lane was pronounced dead on arrival at Saint Elizabeth Hospital. Harper, a 15 year law enforcement veteran who’s been with R.B.P.D. for 3 and a half years, is on paid administrative leave.


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