Lottery Ticket Leads Deputies To Burglary Suspect

A burglary at Burney High School was solved due to a dropped lottery ticket. The break in at the high school’s maintenance shop was discovered early Monday morning. Deputies from the sheriff’s substation in Burney arrived and watched surveillance video showing the suspect going through vehicles in the maintenance yard before shutting off power to the building and forcing entry. Deputies looked around and found a lottery ticket that had been dropped. They traced it by its serial number to the gas station where it was purchased two days earlier, and figured out it was Jonathon Bradley Searl who bought it. Deputies started asking around town for Searl and heard he had been seen at the Burney McDonald’s. He was found in the restroom and detained. When told of the evidence against him, Searl reportedly admitted to the burglary and told deputies the stolen goods could be found hidden in suitcases around the Quebec Street Apartments. Searl was booked into jail for burglary, grand theft and vandalism.


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