Update: Man Faces 17 Felony County After Allegedly Shooting Police K9

A man from paradise has been ordered to stand trial for charges that include shooting and injuring an Anderson Police K9. Very early the morning of December 29th an RPD Officer found a stolen Nissan Altima at Win-River Casino. The driver sped away and led a high speed chase south on Highway 273. When the car crossed over to the northbound lanes into oncoming traffic, the officer gave up the chase. Soon after that, an Anderson Police Officer saw the Nissan pulling out of the Hill Street Neighborhood and another pursuit went into Anderson, ending at the dead-end of Barney Road. The driver made a U-turn and drove toward the pursuing officers, running head-on into an APD patrol car. The driver, identified by the APD as 25-year-old Dillion James Sullivan, took off on foot toward Anderson Creek and Chance the K9 was sent after him. Sullivan reportedly fired a shot and the bullet made a hole through Chance’s left ear, but that didn’t stop the dog. Chance took Sullivan to the ground, where he fought but was taken into custody. Sullivan was treated for his injuries before being booked into jail. An APD Officer was also injured. Sullivan has multiple prior assault and weapons convictions. On Wednesday at his preliminary hearing Sullivan was charged with attempted murder of a peace officer, causing injury to a police dog, and 17 other felony counts from that incident. A trial date will be set when Sullivan returns for arraignment on May 1st. Chance has already recovered from his bullet wound.


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