Police Use Beanbag Rounds To Subdue Parole In East Redding

A man recently released from prison on parole went looking for trouble Tuesday afternoon, and he eventually found it. Redding Police were called at around 5 O’clock to Robert Court off Hartnell Avenue. 52-year-old John Bartholomew was apparently intoxicated and walking up and down the street spewing threats to anyone who cared to listen to him, whether they were on foot or in vehicles. He was not only challenging people to fight him, he was also threatening to shoot them, and some witnesses reported seeing a gun. When Redding Police arrived on the street they were directed to a house which Bartholomew had entered. The house was surrounded and officers demanded the occupants come out, according to Redding Police Sergeant Eric Forsberg. The homeowner came out and said the man they were looking for was inside. Bartholomew then walked out, still belligerent as ever. Officers tried to subdue him with words, then with pepper spray. Bartholomew then took five shotgun-fired beanbag rounds and didn’t even flinch before he was tackled and taken into custody. The gun was found in the house with a full magazine. Bartholomew was booked into jail on several charges and will remain in custody on a parole hold.


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