Alleged Bank Robber Quickly Captured

A bank robber was quickly caught in Downtown Redding after a half-hearted attempt at a getaway. Shortly after 1 O’clock Thursday afternoon Redding Police were called to the Tri-Counties Bank on South Street. A man with bloodshot eyes had approached a teller and demanded cash. He left on foot with a bag of money. Officers looked around and found a man matching the description about 300 yards away near the canal off California and Waldon Streets. 55-year-old Blaine Eric Fletcher reportedly was still holding the Tri-Counties Bank bag with the cash in it. He apparently told officers that he had gone into the bank demanding money because people were trying to kill him. He said he understood how his behavior would cause the teller to believe it was a robbery. Fletcher has a long history with Redding Police, with arrests going back to 1993, mostly for theft and drugs. He was booked into jail.


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