Butte County Couple Facing Prison Time After Honey Oil Explosion

A Chico couple has admitted endangering their baby when their honey oil lab exploded. 30-year-old Evan Blake Palmer and 28-year-old Brittany Renee Larsen were in court Thursday. In February, Chico Police were dispatched to a house on Burnap Avenue to a reported explosion. Witnesses described several people running out of the house. One was on fire. Officers searched the house and found components of a butane honey oil lab. The Butte County Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Unit was called in to assist. Detectives found over 140 pounds of marijuana, 261 hash oil pen cartridges loaded with hash oil, approximately 23 ounces of raw hash oil, and a loaded revolver. The garage containing the lab sustained serious damage, including the door being blown off. It was later discovered that the couple’s five-month old daughter was in the house when the lab blew up. Fortunately the baby was unharmed. District Attorney Mike Ramsey said that the baby was taken into custody by Butte County Child Protective Service workers. Palmer is in custody and scheduled to be sentenced on May 15th and faces up to eight years four months in state prison. Larsen is scheduled to be sentenced June 5th, facing up to six years in prison. Ramsey said a third defendant, 26-year-old Jacob Joseph Levi Lincoln was identified as one of the people who fled from the house, and that he had been badly burned. Lincoln was arrested earlier this month by the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office and returned to Butte County. He’s scheduled to appear May 1st to enter a plea.


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