Search Teams Sent To Rescue The Same People

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office says their search and rescue teams have been rescuing the same people repeatedly. On April 5th Jay Woods of Fall River Mills called 9-1-1 to say his friend, Katherine Bishop, her two children and another person were stuck in the mud in the Pondosa Area near the Siskiyou/Shasta County line. A snow cat was used to carry them out of the woods and they were delivered back to Fall River Mills. Then on April 9th at 12:30AM Katherine Bishop called 9-1-1 to say she and two friends had gone to get her vehicle out of the mud, but got stuck in snow and mud on the way out. She said they were out of food and water and needed help. A CHP helicopter transported them to a sheriff’s car to again deliver them home to Fall River Mills. In the middle of the night last Saturday, Jay Woods called 9-1-1 again to say this time it was he who was stuck in the mud and snow near Whitehorse Reservoir with his friend Cole Rainwater. A CHP helicopter went there and the crew found the stuck vehicle but nobody was around. Woods had also called a friend from Burney to go rescue them but when that man arrived, Woods and Rainwater had left on foot. On Monday, search and rescue from Shasta and Siskiyou Counties, along with Forest Service Officers, continued the search but found only boot prints in the snow. Finally on Tuesday the CHP helicopter crew spotted Woods and Rainwater 14 miles from their disabled vehicle. They picked them up, and carried them to safety. Officials say all the people involved have been told more than once not to go back to those areas until it’s dry enough for their vehicles to make it.


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